His time, Not mine

“Yet God has made everything beautiful for it’s own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.” Ecclesiastes 3:11

Pawley's Sunset

The verse above has become one of my favorite verses in life. Over the past few weeks, especially being in the middle of job hunting and unemployment after our move to Charlotte, I have truly been reminded that life is not on my terms nor my own time schedule. It took a little over 6 weeks for me to receive a final offer on the job I interviewed for in the middle of June this year. It was really hard for me to not want to be in control of the situation but made me lean on God and trust in his perfect provision. I began to apply for other jobs and schedule interviews in the meantime, when the Lord knew what he was doing all along. It has been tough not having an income or the ability to be self-sufficient, but through this time the Lord used it to teach me and help me grow. In a world where we are constantly surrounded by social media with reminders of what “everyone else” or all of our friends are doing, it is hard to trust God’s perfect plan sometimes and to not want to create a plan for ourselves. I remember seeing a lot of my close friends find love and get married before me and always wondering when my turn would come, but when it did it couldn’t have been a better season in my life. Looking back, I probably didn’t feel that way when I was always “the bridesmaid”, but now I can see the Lord’s hand through it all. I think it’s the same with career choices, furthering education, having children, etc. We always want to set a time-line for those things..i.e. I want to be married by 24…own my own home by 26..complete my doctorate by 28..have kids by 30..and so forth, when truly we should be living in the now, in the time that the Lord has given us, knowing his plan is best. We can’t base our lives on what everyone else is doing, but need to realize that we are uniquely and wonderfully made, making the most of that given moment in our lives. Proverbs 19:21 reminds us that “We can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.” I have found that the best moments are those where I let the Lord lead and he reveals to me that he is in control and has my best interests in mind. I always thought I would have already gone back to school and be well on my way to becoming a nurse practitioner, but the Lord had other things in mind, aka meeting Darren, getting married, and moving to Charlotte, and I sure am glad that through seeking him, his provisions far exceeded my expectations. I may be at a different place in life that I had imagined right now, but it couldn’t be more perfect. Every time we look into someone else’s life and are covetous or wish we were in the same place as them, we have to remember that God has a unique plan for every person, none of them are ever the same, and that is the beauty of a God who knows us individually!


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